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Why ROI Property Management

There are a lot of property management companies to choose from. How do you know you are going to choose one that is going to keep your property rented and protect the value of your asset? It comes down to experience. Focusing on those two goals, ROI has tremendous experience in real estate and marketing thousands of properties over the years AND managing our own $50,000,000 real estate portfolio. We know how and have made the important decisions to limit expenses, while still maintaining the assets value. We manage each property as if it is our own.

You may have tried to manage your own property and most likely you have learned how difficult this can be. It never fails that something “breaks” when you are away enjoying your vacation. Or you didn’t have the resources to properly screen tenants and you end up with a really bad one. Having a great property management company, that treats your asset if they own it, can give you complete piece of mind for just a small percentage of the rent each month.

Great Communication – You will have a dedicated Account Manager that is your main point of contact to answer all your questions and concerns.  We don’t believe in passing you around from department to department.

Complete Leasing – We completely turn-key the management and leasing making sure you, your property and paperwork are compliant with laws and regulations. 

Over-The-Top Marketing and Advertising – ROI Property Management stays on the cutting edge of technology to make sure your property has the ultimate and maximum exposure. 

Thorough Tenant Screening & Selection – A great tenant depends completely on thorough prospective Tenant Screening. Without being invasive or condescending we screen your prospective tenants so we can ensure a pleasant rental experience for you the owner, the tenant and us the Property Manager. 

Cost-Effective, Reliable Maintenance – It will happen…repairs.  However, with our preventative maintenance plans we make every effort to keep repairs to a minimum. But when they do arise you will know they are being professionally overseen and conducted by licensed and bonded tradesmen to get the job done correctly the first time.

Rent Collection – The reason people invest in real estate is to make money! The only way you make money is if tenants pay their rent.  We stay on top of this like no other. With our technology we make it extremely easy for tenants to pay their rent through our website.

Regular Inspections & Evaluations ROI Four Touch Program we will physically enter your property at least four times a year.  This is typically when we will preform preventative maintenance, but also an opportunity to inspect the property. We will photograph the property during each visit and you can view those inspection photos on your private portal on our website. 

Strict and Compliant Evictions – Less than one percent of our managed tenants require eviction, however it does happen in rental real estate. It is especially important to know the laws about evictions to make sure they are handled properly. We take care of this whole messy process for you.

Comprehensive Accounting – Once rents are settled in our account, these funds are automatically forwarded to your account less fees and charges. You, as the owner, will have complete access to view your account online at any time through our website. In addition, we will make sure you have all the necessary accounting for complete tax reporting.

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